On foot, by bike or by shared scooter

On foot

Do you live or work within walking distance? Then the easiest way to reach the Sportpaleis is on foot. No traffic jams, no parking problems!

By bike

The Sportpaleis and the Lotto Arena share three parking spaces for bikes. On this map you can see where the parking spaces are located.

With a shared bike

Don't have your own bike? Use a shared bike to go to the Sportpaleis. There are several options:

Velo Antwerpen

Velo Antwerpen uses fixed stations where you can borrow and return bikes. There are three Velo stations within walking distance of the Sportpaleis:

  • 120 - Eendracht (400 meters from the Sportpaleis)
  • 227 - Amstel (450 meters from the Sportpaleis)
  • 228 - Van Heetvelde (750 meters from the Sportpaleis)

On the website and the app of Velo Antwerpen (available for download via the App Store or Play Store) you can check the exact location of the stations and how many bikes are available.


Mobit does not work with fixed stations. You can simply park the bike close to your destination and lock it securely. In the app (available for download via the App Store or Play Store) you can see where the nearest Mobit bike is located.


You can borrow a Blue-bike at all train stations in Antwerp. You must return the bike within 24 hours to the same place where you picked it up. Download the app via the App Store or Play Store.

With a shared scooter

With an electric shared scooter you can get to the Sportpaleis quickly and easily. These scooters all work according to the same principle: you can borrow and leave them anywhere. Unlocking and returning them is done via the app.